EXPLORE. The Al Hajar Traverse

Would ya look at that!

If you’re in the slightest bit intrigued by the Bike Packing hype, you want to watch this. Beautifully shot and pieced together and touches on some stuff that every bike packer and adventurer will go through. Continue reading →

Cyclist Hit By Car – How BMX Saved His Life

After years and years of riding BMX and pushing my limits, riding bikes on the road always seemed fairly sedate. Something I suppose is now second nature is a heightened spacial awareness and this, amongst other things, is what probably makes me more comfortable on the roads and keeps me safe. A couple of weeks back, when riding along a road and readying myself to turn right, it was my awareness and additional bike skills that kept me upright as a car sped up beside me and turned into me as they tried to enter the left turn slip lane. Being aware, ready and calm enough is key to being safer and has helped me avoid anything more severe. Read on to find out how you can improve your safety on the roads.. Continue reading →

Bicycle Touring – Murrindindi, Victoria


It was possibly the toughest bike ride I’ve ever attempted. The Riding Way tradition on Melbourne Cup weekend is to spend it on a bicycle journey. Initially a BMX road-trip, packing our car and heading to far off lands but for the last couple of years we’ve focussed more so on the bicycle touring/bike-packing style of adventures and this year we headed out to Murrindindi, Victoria. Continue reading →

Gordon MacRae: The Bike Collector


The click-clang of the metal staircase is like a train into another world. I’m in a quiet storage unit in the outskirts of Geelong and as I ascend the last few treads, I step back a few years into 1999. There are bikes lined up against the wall, some shining and sparkling in the occasional sunshine while others sit there waiting patiently for their next trip to the skate park. It’s a mixture of well ridden bikes to showroom quality restorations in the Mid-School BMX era. Gordon MacRae has his head down and barely notices my arrival as he meticulously organises and assembles a few last pieces in what is but a small part of his BMX collection. Continue reading →

The Truth About Cheap Bikes

Great Vic Bike

We replaced the bottom bracket bearings in this bike last week. A lot of the components are wearing out but she keeps going, she’s still got adventures to take and stories to tell. The strange thing is that this is a cheap bike, a free bike in fact, that was given away to entice new riders onto the Great Victorian Bike Ride a few years back. I remember when this happened, I was working in another bike shop and the general consensus was that these were a bad idea, a way to put a bad taste in peoples’ mouths, a lawsuit waiting to happen. They were apparently taking away from bike sales and ruining the market. It same thing is happening these days with the infamous Reid Bikes. Cheap, Chinese import bicycle sold directly to the consumer at a price most bike shops can’t come close to matching. So, are they ruining the market? Are they destroying the bike culture? Should you buy one? Continue reading →

Where is BMX?


A little while ago, while assessing and re-assessing my bike shop, I made the gut wrenching realisation that I could no longer afford to stock BMX. I fought it. I ordered 25 Fit Bikes and made every effort to move them onto kids that would keep the dream alive. It failed, in some ways, I mean I eventually sold them all and 25 kids (well some might have been big, older kids) got stoked as heck! But I had to discount heavily, I had to almost give them away because it was money tied up and was preventing me having products that were selling. There’s a few reason why I couldn’t make it happen, the main one I was blaming was the fashion associated with our beloved sport and the incredible fragility that creates in our industry. So what now? And, why do I care? Continue reading →

Riding Way Father’s Day Family Ride


The biggest reason I ride bikes (and started my own bike shop) is community. The friends made, stories shared, high-fives slapped & experiences lived are more valuable than anything I’ve ever done before. The Riding Way Father’s Day was a prime example of this fact. Holy Moly, what a treat! Continue reading →

Video: The Shoemaker


“It’s because you genuinely love making things.” What a line! Doing things because you love doing them. For no other reason than to inspire others and to create. I love this. Kinda goes with my recent post on ThatMelbourneCyclist’s blog. Anyway, have a look at this video. Be inspired. Make something. Continue reading →

Video: BMX in Austin, Texas.


Ok, this is pretty rad. Comical, well filmed and with some pretty darn rad riding. Chase Hawk hits the deck pretty hard but shows he’s tougher than concrete and continues to shred for the remainder of the film. Check it out. Continue reading →

Video: BMX at the Rio Olympics


I suppose, I still don’t understand what happened and I probably never will. I know that I stayed up to watch this, one of the first times I’ve done this for any sporting event and I was heart broken when the final was all done and dusted. The hardest part, however, was having to wait 45 seconds before texting my mate who was also watching the same race online and had a bit of a delay. Anyway, this is the full mens semis and final. If you haven’t had the chance, get on down and watch it here. Continue reading →