Mental Health – My Disclaimer

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Look, I don’t have a degree. Officially, I’m a high-school dropout. I did not do well at the school system we’re forced to adhere to. Officially, yeah, I’m a dumbass. But, I’ll tell you that ‘my head works differently’ to those who I’ve met thus far. Early on in my own struggles with depression, anxiety and all sorts of other mental, hmmm, I’ll call them differences, I sought professional advice. I didn’t like it. I also did not take it.

What I did do, however, was my own research. I read books. I watched TED talks. I listened to other peoples’ stories. Then, I documented my own life. Sometimes only through thoughts and observations but often on paper, written down and sometimes even published as a Facebook status. Sometimes I would go so far as penning articles like the series you’re hopefully reading.

Basically, What you’re reading is my account of what this is. It is as much to help others as it is to clarify the things going through my head. I hope that you can get something out of it.

Please, read my personal accounts as simply that; these are things that I have read, listened to, watched and learned through countless personal experiences. This is my view/s on my own mental battles amongst wars. Please, if you feel the need, if you don’t feel the need, talk to someone if you’re feeling even the slightest bit unsure. If there’s one thing to take from the series I’m writing, it should hopefully be to talk to someone. Anyone. Sometimes strangers are easier to talk to, so talk to someone. If that seems hard, write it down and have someone read it. Don’t, please don’t bottle it up.



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